The world has become a much smaller place. It is easier to travel to different parts of the world and it is also easier to communicate with the rest of the world and to know whatever happens in the other parts of the world almost immediately.

Unfortunately, these advantages have a disadvantage.? It is said that bad news travels fast.? The disadvantage of the modern age is that we are susceptible to modern diseases and it is not localized in one place. As people are constantly traveling, so are the modern diseases.

You would be aware of the SARS virus which affected many countries and could not be contained in a single location or country.? It affected a lot of people throughout the world.

Another such disease that was identified was swine flu. It primarily was found in pigs, but was transmitted to humans.? It was tried to contain it in a few places, but slowly and surely, swine flu has spread throughout the world and the situation is such that the premier health organization of the UN, WHO has declared it an international epidemic of gigantic proportions.

Conventional treatment of this is by way of a vaccine known as Tami Flu. This is a vaccine that has been developed to combat this epidemic.

The latest research shows that swine flu affects people who have a weak immune system.? It also affects more people who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma.? There is a simple and time tested way that has been practiced over thousands of years to increase the immunity of the human body.

What is that you may ask? The answer is quite simple – Yoga. From time immemorial, yoga, through its breathing techniques has been used to improve the immune system.? The simplest form of breathing exercise is the Pranayama.? It has been found that this single breathing exercise goes a long way in keeping the body fit.

The major types of Pranayama are Kapalbati, Digra and Ujjavi. So as you can see, regular practice of yoga through Pranayama helps to keep all diseases at bay, not only swine flu.

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